Hey!, I’m an Electric Violinist and Session Musician based in Leamington Spa, and have been playing in bands since 1992. I may look pretty shite in a leather mini skirt and, whilst, I can’t mime on the violin whilst performing an Arabian Double Front I can improvise pretty well in Rock, Punk, Folk Fusion and Electronic styles, and ok, I’m not technically a ‘fiddle player’, I’ve got a few good shuffles under my belt. 

I’m also a pretty successful composer and sound designer in the video games industry now running my own Audio and Music Production company – SONiC FUEL, and retro geeky chiptune composer – TDK, and love nothing more than learning from and interacting with all forms of music technology.

I’m looking for all opportunities where something a bit different is required, both visual and aurally.

I play violins made in the UK by Bridge. FX by Native Instruments, or Boss (depending on how geeky you want me to look).